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Luxury services in Medellin, Colombia

With Medellin VIP Transport, you’ll enjoy luxurious transportation services and be able to take the party with you anywhere you go, no matter the scale of your group, your budget, or even the time or place you’re looking to be transported to/from.

Night Parties

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a 5-star experience, a bar and drinks party, or an on the road celebration in the streets of Medellin, our team can formulate an experience based on your own preferences, including reservations, invitations, and transportation to casinos, sports events, and much more!

Breathtaking Tours of Medellin

Our seasoned, professional drivers can become your personal tour guide that takes you to each and every special spot that Medellin has to offer, ridding you from having to waste your trip on researching places to go in Medellin.

Casino Trips

If you’re a gambling fanatic looking to try your luck in one of Medellin’s most sought-after casinos, our professional drivers can be your lucky charm, providing you with on-time, luxurious, and premium transportation to the best casinos in town for gambling, partying, and bachelor parties.

Business Trips

Tap into the opportunity-filled business community that’s growing all over Medellin, Colombia, with the help of our team: we will schedule your meetings and help you set a powerful first impression when you show up to business meetings in one of our premium vehicles.

Bachelor Parties

Get ready to have your expectations blown away by the reality of what Medellin has to offer, which can only be explored with one of our professional drivers by your side, taking you from one stunning location to the other and keeping you safe at all times.

Airport Transfers

From the second you land to the second you take off, you’ll be enjoying the utmost luxury of our premium vehicles and the company of our professional drivers.

Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party Tour
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Medellin Colombia VIP Transport

Medellin VIP Transport

Providing luxury experiences for everyone since day one

Medellin VIP Transport was created to level up clients’ trips to Medellin and show them what real luxury looks, feels, and tastes like, and rid them of having to worry about planning, transportation, late delivery times, and unexpected weather conditions.

Created by high players for high players, Medellin VIP Transport caters every experience to your own taste, needs, and preferences, which is what makes us different from any other Medellin luxury concierge out there.

Our vehicles and drivers are insured, bonded, and licensed. In addition to that, we carry out a regular maintenance and sanitization routine for all of our vehicles to ensure your safety and comfort at all times while using our vip or transport services in Medellin, Colombia.

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