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VIP Services

VIP Services

Treat yourself to 360-degrees of luxury, no detail left out!

Medellin VIP transport offers exclusive individuals seeking luxury in Medellin the chance to enjoy a complete A-Z solution that’s planned, formulated, and executed based on their preferences, needs, lifestyle, and schedule.

And when we say A-Z, we genuinely mean it! This VIP service includes all their premium transport as soon as they step foot into the city, to their hotel, and on every trip they need to make, whether for business or pleasure.

Not only that, but our team also assigns a professional driver whose experience aligns with the client’s needs, so if you’re looking to explore Medellin as the entertainment center of Colombia, our drivers will escort you to unique experiences every night, including 5-star restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, and celebration spots in Medellin where you can create unforgettable memories.

And if you’re interested in creating business opportunities in Medellin, meetings with high-value clients, or are on a corporate trip to make critical business decisions in Medellin, Colombia, our drivers have the experience to keep you secure, on time, and surrounded by luxury on all your essential trips. ( Blog )

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Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party Tour
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Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party Tour

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VIP Luxury that expands far beyond transport

At Medellin VIP Transport, we have the resources, connections, and facilities to provide you with your personal VIP concierge, who can set up anything you want or need on demand. Whether you’re in the mood for a fine dining experience in Medellin, a 5-star hotel, the most relaxing spa, or a nitty-gritty bar to let off some steam, all the experiences you crave can be available at the snap of your fingers.

Our team can also arrange house rentals, hotel reservations, exclusive access to specific events, and skip the waiting time on regular events hosted by our network of restaurants, nightclubs, and bars, all while escorting you from one location to the other in a secure, luxurious set of wheels.

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Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party Tour
Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party Tour and Events
Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party Tour